Matrix Business Development Ltd.


MATRIX is a consulting firm providing strategies for private sector development especially in agribusiness, value chain strengthening, supply chain management, environment & climate change, training and development, economic & social research, market research, strategies for improving competitiveness of the SMEs and service providers, project monitoring & evaluation, compliances and demand driven customized consulting services in SAARC countries, Malaysia, and Singapore in various projects and organizations since 2003. Matrix Business Development Ltd is GlobalG.A.P. Licensed Farm Assurer in Bangladesh and holding ISO 9001:2015 certified. Matrix is also member of BASIS – Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services.

Matrix has substantial experience in research and survey on agriculture, agribusiness, social research, community development, project cycle management, impact analysis, M&E, baseline survey, reproductive and primary health, awareness building program, situational mapping, laboratory base research, nutritional analysis, food fortifications etc.

MATRIX is a result based consulting firm that specializes in the development and integration of strategies, tools, technology, processes, and people through the management of resources, information and knowledge. The company provides a wide range of demand driven customized consulting services to its valued clients.

Become most successful business brand in research, ICT and in agriculture

Create successful Strategic Business Units to sustain in the competitive environment

Create Sustainable strategic business Units

Increase client and partner base to strengthen relationship and the revenues


Matrix strongly believes in fulfilling its tasks and duties with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and diligence. Matrix aim to provide its clients with the utmost level of satisfaction through its guided intervention and involvement.

Strategic Intent

The strategic intent of Matrix is to strengthen and develop our consultancy base both locally and internationally by effectively supporting client organizations to enhance their growth and sustainability. This will leverage the capacity building processes and practices and improve the outcomes of client companies and thus add value to their overall operations and business performance.