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Agri-entrepreneurship development through Contract Farming and ICT

Crops for Contract Farming

Business activities of operations

Operational tasks include: (i) formation of contract farming model and protocol with product specific farmers (ii) production location and farmers selection (iii) capacity building of the farmers to adopt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP); (iv) capacity building on post-harvest management as per HACCP, GHP, and GAP standards prioritized on safe food (v) develop independent quality auditors to ensure product compliance with HACCP and GAP standards and M&E and (vi) e-platform for extension support service, business transactions and marketing.

Bangladesh’s agriculture is transforming from subsistence to commercial venture with higher level of inputs and modern cultivation practices of high value crops especially fruits and vegetables and market diversification. Safe fruits and vegetables significantly contribute to health and nutritional improvement, employment generation, food security and financial guaranty. It should have transparent and traceable supply chain through contract farming model aiming farm to fork.

The contract farming model:

Provide land, produce selected crop
Payment after deduction of inputs cost
Payment for inputs
Matrix bazar
Payment after farm produce delivery
Agri-extension services and field support with market requirement

Stakeholders right and benefits

Inputs supportFarming extension servicesField trouble shootingSales at pre-fixed priceGuaranteed Payback with premiumRe-investment enabling environmentService chargeGood quality productsTraceable supply chainSafe produces for consumers Implement good agricultural practices (GAP)


Characteristics to select farmers for a contract farming operation

Be personally involved in growing the crop (i.e. be a real farmer), minimum one bigha land for crop production, soil must be appropriate, good source of irrigation, and permanent resident. Respect the agreement and be trustworthy.Be agree to implement advanced production practices (e.g. Land preparation, inputs application, irrigation, intercultural operation etc.)Be a good listener and willing to follow company suggestions/ directives.Be able and willing to keep records of cultivation and production process. Be pro-active and willing to improved production practices.Willing to invest in agricultural production systemUnderstand agricultural sensitivities of productionRespect the agreement and be trustworthyInvest as per production practices and inputs required as time series payment to the inputs suppliers/ retailers


Profit sharingBeanBitter GourdBottle Gourd
Farmer (50%)176201149011367.5
Entrepreneurs (50%)176201149011367.5
Return on Investment (ROI)

Contract Farming and Knowledge Management:

Matrix is running contract farming with numbers of farmers to produce quality vegetables, maize, strawberry, vegetables, potatoes and sales to the high-end market. For regular field trouble shooting, farmer’s advisory services Matrix established knowledge center and customized apps. Matrix is providing technical services to the farmers i.e. site selection, risk assessment, training, field support services, network with quality inputs, appropriate use and methods of inputs, and markets complying national and international compliances and standards. Matrix have GIS based farmers profile and crop calendar.

Partnership with Matrix

Matrix is a GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer in Bangladesh. Matrix helps agri-businesses manage risk and assure the performance of best agricultural practices to produce environment sustainable safe agro-products, along with smooth supply chains.  Through farm assessment, capacity development on Good Agricultural Practices as per GLOBALG.A.P. certification system across a wide range of industries, which ensure stakeholders rights, benefits and return on investments. Partnering with our customers, we build sustainable business performance and create stakeholder trust. Our experts are dedicated to helping customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.

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