Rafiq Sarkar

Rumel Mortuza

Senior IT Specialist

Robust ICT infrastructure planning, designing, development and implementation with budget and other financial consideration. Develop ICT policy and effective code of conduct for smooth operations. ICT security, threats & vulnerabilities assessment and guideline preparation for future directions. Value added ICT & ITES business planning considering quality, time and cost (QTC). Technical staff recruitment, vendors and supplier’s management is another key role which I can handle smoothly. Software based online MIS & DSS development, needs assessment for MIS & DSS requirements, system analysis, system/software design, database design, coding, testing/debugging, software implementation, support and maintenance. Object Oriented Programming (OOP), OOA/D for web based and desktop based application development with up‐to‐date technology and methodology. Define/Design and manage interoperability provisions among different systems i.e. DHIS2 to SCMP (Supply chain management portal) of MOHFW in Bangladesh.