Capacity Development

SL No. Name of the Project/Study Founded By Status
1 Appropriate registration system and product quality certification for microenterprises in selected 22 sub-sectors PKSF On going
2 Consultancy Service for Development of Up-to-date Complete & Comprehensive Course Manual by Reviewing the Present BREB Training Needs Assessment and Course Manuals Currently in Use World Bank/Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board Ongoing
3 Occupational Skill Profile Development and Labour Market/ Skill Gap Assessment EU/Helvetas 2017
4 Providing Training to WMGs on Savings & Credit Operation (Part-1) -Management & Book Keeping System (Part-2) Blue Gold Program 2015-16
5 Teacher’s Manual and materials on School Health and Nutrition for Health Education Save the Children in Bangladesh (EU) 2013
6 Capacity Building on Lab Analysis for Salt fortification in BSCIC areas in Bangladesh Micro Nutrient Initiatives (MI) 2012-2013
7 Capacity Building on Integrated Fish Farming in Bangladesh USAID/ PRICE 2012
8 Suppliers Capability (SME) Development Project (Supply Chain Strengthening-agribusiness) Agora/BIF/ Accenture/DFID 2011-2013
9 Factory productivity analysis and motivation for growth 6 RMGs 2011-12
10 Set-up occupational health and safety service center 4 RMGs 2011-12
11 Prepare an environment friendly shrimp (Bagda) production manual for PRICE/WorldFish Center USAID/ PRICE/ WorldFish Center 2009
12 Shrimp farmer’s need assessment in Khulna division for World fish Center USAID/ PRICE/ WorldFish Center 2009
13 Capacity building on Shrimp farmers on Environment friendly farming System USAID/ PRICE/ WorldFish Center 2009
14 Capacity building of small scale food processors in Bandarban (IDo) 2006
15 Value Chain analysis for Cashew nut in Bandarban IDo 2006
16 Setup a quality assurance laboratory for Kishwan Snacks in Chittagong USAID/ATDP-II 2004-05
17 Capacity building of Quality assurance team of Banoful& Co. and Kishwan Snacks Ltd USAID/ATDP-II 2004-05
18 Supply chain strengthening for Agora IFC/SEDF 2003-04