Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

SL No. Name of the Project/Study Founded By Status
1 Appropriate registration system and product quality certification for microenterprises in selected 22 sub-sectors PKSF On going
2 Technical Services of Value Chain Upgrading and Analysis in the CHT project under Promotion of Development and Confidence Building in the CHT, UNDP, Bangladesh Practical Action Bangladesh/ UNDP 2013
3 Sectoral assessment and Mapping of Biscuit Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh Business Innovation Facility /WFP 2012
4 Suppliers Capability (SME) Development Project (Supply Chain Strengthening-agribusiness) Agora/BIF/ Accenture/DFID 2011-2013
5 Survey to Identify Factors Supporting Sustained Economic Activities within PBS Areas ICEA/USAID supported project 2009
6 Marketing Survey on Entrepreneurship Opportunities and mapping in four Districts in Bangladesh EU/ TDH-Italia 2009-10
7 Study on Profitability and Marketing of Income Generating Activities (IGA) of Ultra-Poor under IFSUP for NETZ Bangladesh EU/ NETZ Bangladesh 2009
8 Set-up vegetable sales and service centres in Bandarban areas Integrated Development Organization (IDo) 2006
9 Capacity building of small scale food processors in Bandarban (IDo) 2006
10 Value Chain analysis for Cashew nut in Bandarban IDo 2006