Research and Development

SL No. Name of the Project/Study Founded By Status
1 Impact Study on LCS work on Poverty Reduction and Women Empowerment Euroconsult Mott MacDonald/ Blue Gold Project 2017
2 KAP study and Baseline survey One Health Asia Program under the project Fighting Zoonoses in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal-Increasing Awareness, Prevention and Control of Zoonoses EU/Relief International 2014-15
3 Survey to Identify Factors Supporting Sustained Economic Activities within PBS Areas ICEA/USAID supported project 2009
4 Factory productivity analysis and motivation for growth 6 RMGs 2011-12
5 Set-up occupational health and safety service center 4 RMGs 2011-12
6 Poultry Sectoral Diagnosis -Poultry Industry Problems and Specific Interventions IFC/SEDF 2006