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Last 2 decades we have built multidisciplinary team with great attention for professionalism. We also cherish and promote the ability to communicate with other team members in order to create synergy for the customer benefits. Our staff is service oriented and keeps higher professional standards.


We deliver solutions which are human-led, tech-powered & meaningful experiences, deliver real-life results. Delivering sustained outcomes for organizations, customers, stakeholders & communities. Follow systematic approach, build capacities of stakeholders to design and implement scalable & sustainable solution.


Since inception in 2003, Matrix Business Development Ltd (MATRIX) have delivered 150 plus short term and long term research, MEL and project management services on agriculture, humanitarian, livelihoods, health and industrial markets for both government, donor, private sectors.


Agri-entrepreneurship Development through Contract Farming and ICT

Matrix is running contract farming with numbers of farmers to produce quality vegetables, maize, strawberry, vegetables, potatoes and sales to the high-end market. For regular field trouble shooting, farmer’s advisory services Matrix established knowledge center and customized apps. .

We are Committed to Grow Safe and Sustainable Produce

iKrishi for Smart Agriculture

More than Just Sales

GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer

What We Offer ?

Matrix take pride in accomplishing agriculture and agribusiness in Agriculture, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Livestock’s, Agri-machineries and irrigation system, Food processing, Agricultural Economics, Food security, Climate Change in agriculture, Farming system, Markets and financial linkage, Sector development, Business formulation, Value chain development, Supply chain management, Markets for the poor (M4P), Quality compliances and Quality Assurance and GAP, HACCP, GMP, GLOBALG.A.P sector with organizational development, Business strategy development and Manual development.

what we offer

We Are the Saviours Of Plants

Food Safety
Compliance to local and international regulations
Efficient resources utilization and Environmental awareness
Food safety, Traceability of products and production records
Health and Safety
Farmers’ and consumers’ safety and wellness

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