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Matrix Operational Model:

To stay competitive, companies must focus on driving value through process efficiency, service differentiation, and speed to market Matrix is following innovative operational model. Matrix’s Operating Model (OM) consists of seven layers, Vision, Process, People, Service Delivery Model, Technology, Performance Insights and Governance. Understanding how all seven components of Operating Model layers relate to each other is key to creating an integrated and highly functional solution. They provide unparalleled visibility of each potential change and their corresponding consequence.

Matrix’s Business Process Model

The Matrix’s Business Process Management (BPM) practice leverages methodology and reusable assets to accelerate the delivery of end-to-end BPM solutions and services for our clients.We bring:

  • A Seasoned, Experienced and Versatile Workforce: Our professionals are adept at business process modeling, simulation, requirement definition, project management, real time tracking, technology, inclusion of ICT, business architecture, and project delivery with appropriate monitoring and evaluation process.
  • Deep Industry Knowledge: We leverage prior experience in architecting, designing, and delivering solutions for clients in the agriculture, agribusiness, local economic development, livelihoods, business competitiveness, compliances, good agricultural practices and financial services industries.
  • A Proven Architecture Framework: We developed a reference architecture framework that outlines functional and service-oriented views of the major components of a BPM solution. It also illustrates the client’s spectrum and areas of flexibility for clients in the architecture framework of the need.
  • Adaptable Implementation Methodologies: We define activities and deliverables per phase, deliverable templates, job aides, research protocol as well as strategy and approach documents.
  • Wide BPM/Integration Experience: We implement complex BPM and SOA-based integration solutions across multiple industries, technologies, and vendors.
  • Strong client Relationships: To improve our client service, we have working for long time relationship with our clients in this space.
  • Process Center of Excellence: Matrix assist clients in establishing a BPM Center of Excellence to provide a structured framework that will enable the enterprise to be constantly engaged in the process of innovation, exploration, design, and implementation. The BPM provides a methodology, organization, operations, and governance framework.
We leverage our core strengths in industries and functional areas to deliver world-class solutions utilizing Business Process Management methodologies and technologies. In doing so, we:
  • Effectively transform existing processes and information system investments into new and improved business capabilities.
  • Reduced development cycles and maintenance costs while improving quality.
  • Enhance ICT responsiveness as well as business performance through modern integration approaches and technologies.
  • Institutionalize knowledge and methods to enable continuous improvement, performance gains and consistency.
  • Provide BPM solutions that offer more flexibility, are simpler to market, and help companies reinvent themselves to become more agile and efficient

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