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For Entrepreneurs

iKrishi is a commercial brand of Matrix Business Development Ltd designs and deploys scalable and sustainable solutions in agriculture that enables farmers and Agri Businesses to maximize their profit and competitiveness. We are driven by the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to improve the lives of the farmers and agri-entrepreneurs. iKrishi connects people who want to become providers of capital funding as an entrepreneur with farmers who become recipients of capital funding to jointly increase the scale of cultivation following sustainable good agricultural practices (GAP) and the welfare of agricultural world actors. iKrishi identifies crops that have high demand in the market, price stability and good characteristics, then we connect farmers and usable land, then we open up funding opportunities for planting to urbanites and other professional.


What We Do

iKrishi arrange farmers and entrepreneurs, that supports and facilitate to grow vegetables and access to finance and markets as well. iKrishi facilitates advisory services to cultivate expected vegetables and maximize benefits both for entrepreneurs and farmers. Our work in the field of agriculture, agribusiness and food industry development encompasses every aspect of agriculture as well as private sector enable them to increase income and employment opportunities for the entrepreneurs.


Ensure return on investment

iKrishi is a commercial brand of Matrix Business Development Ltd designs and deploys scalable and sustainable solutions in agriculture that enables farmers and Agri Businesses to maximize their profit and competitiveness. We are driven by the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to improve farms productivity, efficient utilization of inputs, and produce sustainable safe vegetable for the human consumption. Therefore, production will be ensured, market has guaranteed with pre-fixed price as such return on investment will be ensured.

  • Risk Management
    ikrishi team blended with multi sectoral experts, having national and international expertise. Risk assessment conducted in every site, farmers and/or entrepreneurs.
  • Agreement and Certificate of Ownership
    There will be formal and stamped agreement additionally certificate of ownership will be provided to the respective parties (funders and farmers) with complete details.
  • Change your mind
    ikrishi allows to take back investment within 10 days with 100% refund with written refund receipt.
  • Why Join Us?
    Profitable Funding:
    Entrepreneur can benefit from a margin of between 20-40% of the value of funding per year.
  • Empowering Farmers:
    Farmers can have jobs, maximum utilization of land and optimize skills as to increase income
  • Environmentally friendly:
    Matrix is a GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer ensure good agricultural practices to produce environment sustainable safe agro-products. Our experts are dedicated to helping customers make the world safer, smarter, and greener.
  • Food security:
    Entrepreneurs participate in increasing domestic food production to feed globally

Ways of working

  • Choose right funding project
    Professional analysis of project in various manner such as environmental, technical, agronomic, financial, and markets. Choose the right funding project according to the budget and margin that most appropriate to you.
  • Keep track of progress
    iKrishi use modern IOT arrangements for the production, traceability, and tracking system used apps and web-based solution. IOT allows devices across a farm to measure all kinds of data remotely and provide this information to the farmer in real time. IoT used for precision agriculture, crop monitoring, weather condition, data analytics, farm’s decision support system. Get the latest photo updates, growth, and progress from field in real time in the iKrishi Funding Project Monitoring tool.
  • Ensured market
    All harvests will be sold to partners who have linked with iKrishi. Matrix has own e-commerce platform ( that will use as the market platform of the marketers and dedicated to the farmers. iKrishi provides market access for the farmers with local, regional, national traders, wholesalers and e-commerce handlers. Farmers followed GAP will be made linkage with the exporter.
  • Earn sales margin
    All sales margins from farmers will be divided according to the agreement in each Funding Project between the funding party and the farmers. It is much higher than traditional market.
• Personally, involved in cultivation with minimum one bigha land for selected crop production • Willing to invest in agricultural production system
• Suitable land for production, good source of irrigation, communication and mobility. • Understand agricultural sensitivities of production
• Ability and willing to keep records of cultivation and production process. • Respect the agreement and be trustworthy
• Be pro-active and willing to improved production practices. • Invest as per production practices and inputs required as time series payment to the input’s suppliers/ retailers

2. Online applicable - Open an Account
Download the iKrishi app or visit our website for application process and open an account and learn about the process. Browse through the currently listed farms to find the right opportunity for you

3. On site assessment creating access to Finance for Farmers
On site assessment, risk and potentiality analysis both technical and financial

4. Conditional offer
Receive conditional offer and decision shortest of time

5. Final approval
Receive final approval once we validate land documents, sites, from the authority

6. Document review
Document review of all documents and sign contract

7. Field operation
Modern farming following Good Agricultural Practices

8. Watch the Farms Grow
Monitor the farms through iKrishi online dashboard, receive reports on them and performance. iKrishi will use IoT for advice and monitoring system

9. Harvest your Returns
When the farms mature, harvest and the products are sold, both you and the farmers earn from the harvest. iKrishi will deposit your amount in account or re-invest in new opportunities

We understand your needs on Good Agriculture Practice